A day in the life: Ashley Hughes

We took the time to speak to one of our Internal sales team, Ashley Hughes, about his day to day responsibilities at PFC Corofil.

Ashley has done a lot in his time with us; originally working in the Operations department, he gained a promotion and now works as part of the Sales team from our office in Chessington!

During our chat Ashley told us everything from what he usually has for his breakfasts and his typical lunchtime meal deal, to the aspects of his role that he enjoys the most!

I really like it, even though we’re a small team we get a lot done – everyone is really nice and get along together and we try to help everyone and strive to not leave anyone out!

What does your job involve?

So I basically talk to customers over the phone or on emails, give them quotes, process their orders – and basically just try to give them as much help as I can. I also talk to Area Sales Managers – usually Kyle Morgan and Phil Brooks to liaise about prices for customers, and other requirements on projects!

My first introduction to working in the sales team was processing the customer orders on IFS – but now my role has expanded to take on the above.

What have your first impressions of working within Sales at PFC Corofil been?

I really like it, even though we’re a small team we get a lot done – everyone is really nice and gets along together, and we try to help everyone and strive to not leave anyone out!

The role itself is mainly how I expected to be, liaising with customers about projects – trying to decipher what the customer actually wants is always interesting!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

The people! everyone gets along so well – there’s always joking in the office, never any tension – with everyone helpful, and problems solved as a team!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Well, I usually scooter into work, on my electric scooter – but I can’t at the moment because it’s got a puncture. I usually come in and the first thing I’ll do is make myself a bowl of cereal, which is nearly always Weetabix! My drink of choice is water, I’m not really into hot drinks

Then I’ll log on and look at my emails, see what I’ve got to do during the day. I’ll process any new orders and any quotes that need doing. Sometimes I’ll talk to colleagues about certain projects, and then I’ll take a look at lead forensics.

Usually for lunch I’ll go to Tesco and grab a meal deal – Southern Fried chicken pasta, with a pot of pineapple and a Red bull!

After lunch I’ll come back in and catch up on emails – and then it’s kind of the same as the morning really!

What makes PFC Corofil a good Company to work for?

Again it’s the people – but also because it’s a small team, you’re not rushing around for everyone, everyone has their own role to play!

I’ve seen two sides of the business, from when I used to work in operations it gave me hands on experience with the products – how to cut it, and the processes used. This has been really useful when I’ve moved upstairs into sales, and I also think its helped for the people upstairs as well – because I think with my knowledge its helped them and made things a bit easier!

And finally, what do you like to get up to away from work?

Usually, I just play video games during the week – At the minute I’m just playing Starfield! And Harry Potter.

Then on the weekends I play golf a lot – I’ve only just started so I think I’m probably about a 34 handicapper at the minute. I like collecting vinyls – ‘Life’s a trip’ by Trippie Redd is my favourite.

Football – I’m an Arsenal fan, which is going alright at the minute, could be better if we didn’t have so many injuries!

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