Linear Gap Seal Block CLGB

Fire stopping solution for composite profile decks.

PFC Corofil Linear Gap Seal Block is a stone wool block installed in the trapezoidal profile of a composite profile deck at the head of flexible and rigid wall constructions and above a steel beam protected with a gypsum based cladding system.

Tested utilising the principles of EN1366-4, PFC Corofil Linear Gap Seal Blocks will provide up to 120 minutes fire integrity and insulation performance.

The product is supplied pre cut to suit the profile of the composite deck in which it is to be installed. The blocks can be installed in composite decks with profiles up to 210mm, to the depth of the wall head or beam*, minimum 100mm deep. When ordering please supply the following information:

  • Required fire rating
  • Profile sheet reference or exact profile dimensions
  • Large or small profile to be filled
  • Individual blocks or linear metre run of corrugations
  • Quantity required (individual blocks or linear metres)

Where should you use a Linear Gap Seal Block?

Linear Gap Seal Blocks are designed and tested to close off the trapezoidal void of a composite profile deck at the head of a flexible or rigid wall and above a steel beam* protected with a gypsum based cladding system. The Linear Gap Seal Block for a flexible wall should be installed flush with the outer face of the plasterboard on both sides. For a rigid wall the Linear Gap Seal Block should be a minimum 100mm deep and installed centrally within the wall above a separate Linear Gap Seal Strip to a maximum profile of 210mm and a maximum linear gap width of 150mm. The block above the steel beam* should finish flush with both outer faces of the gypsum based cladding system.

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Key points:

* Please refer to technical data sheet for exact configuration of steel beam

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