PFC Corofil Cavity Barriers

PFC Corofil Cavity Barriers are designed and tested to be installed within the building envelope. Cavity fire barriers prevent the passage of flames and heat within the cavity walls. They can be ‘open state barriers’ for ventilated cavity applications, or ‘full fill barriers’ for both horizontal brickwork/masonry applications and vertical brickwork/masonry and ventilated cavities.

PFC Corofil provides a comprehensive selection of EN-tested vertical and horizontal cavity fire barriers meticulously designed to cater to cavities spanning up to 600mm vertical full fill and 450mm horizontal open state. These innovative cavity barriers provide a remarkable level of protection, offering an impressive duration of up to 120 minutes for maintaining structural integrity, with the specific duration varying based on the particular product and its intended application.

Fire barriers in cavity walls play a crucial role in limiting the spread of fire and ensure compliance with fire safety regulations and building codes.

You can preview the PFC Corofil Cavity Fire Barrier brochure by clicking below.

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