About us

For nearly 60 years, PFC Corofil has been one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of passive fire protection products, helping to maintain the safety of many different building types, right across the UK. In that time, we have become a familiar and trusted brand for the UK construction industry.

We offer a wide range of fire-stopping products and systems that meet the requirements of current national building regulations, such as cavity barriers, linear gap seals and products to fire stop service penetrations.

Why choose PFC Corofil?

Over the years, we have developed our product range to suit the rigorous performance expectations of the specifier and architect – as well as the practical installation needs of the contractor.

Offering Peace of Mind with Third Party Testing and Certification

The PFC Corofil range offers confidence built in as our products are tested in compliance with current market requirements.

Our products have been independently fire tested and are subject to a voluntary ongoing third-party certificate scheme which defines the scope of use, carries out factory audits and random fire tests to ensure that the highest standards of production are maintained.

A specialist passive fire protection supplier who understands the needs of your project

UK Based

On site at our location in Chessington

Wide Variety

Comprehensive machining of materials for a wide range of customers


Technical advice and assistance

Top quality

Quality systems ensuring full traceability

Working with you

Sales engineers working direct with customers to discuss their needs and support


A progressive ethos of continuous research and development

The Diamorph Group

PFC Corofil is part of the Diamorph Group Passive Fire Protection business unit.

The Diamorph Group consists of brands that are well known for their material science innovation and proven performance in arduous real-life situations, as well as in-house manufacturing and R&D.

The Diamorph Group engages in development, manufacturing and sales of high-performance products:

  • Composite and Polymer Materials
  • High Temperature Solutions
  • Passive Fire Protection

Diamorph actively seeks deep niches in larger markets where we can use our advanced materials knowledge, technological innovations and science to create differentiated products with extreme performance. The company operates globally with more than 61% of its revenue outside the UK & Ireland.

Diamorph serves customers worldwide, with sales offices across Europe, North America & Australasia.

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