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Introducing the new-look, third party tested passive fire protection range. From PFC Corofil.

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Introducing PFC Corofil’s new-look range, created with your project in mind.

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Full support from ASFP-qualified technical experts. That’s what you get with PFC Corofil.

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Everything you need to put passive fire protection at the heart of your project.

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For the passive fire protection you need when you need it, we deliver.

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...Passive Fire Protection Solutions

PFC Corofil, is a leading UK manufacturer of passive fire protection solutions and fire stopping products. We offer a wide range of products that help maintain the safety of public, private and commercial buildings.

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A fully EN tested range of vertical and horizontal cavity barriers for cavities up to 600mm, offering up to 120 minutes integrity dependent on product and application.

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Gap Seals

Available in strips or blocks for a range of applications, these are tested to the principles of EN 1366-4:2006+A1:2010 and offer up to 120 minutes’ fire rating. Manufactured and cut to your specific requirements.

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Solutions include pipe collars and wraps, sealants, intumescent pillows and Coated Panel System. Third party tested for fire stopping to pipe and cable penetrations through fire-rated walls and floors.

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When a building is designed and built from scratch, every element, from acoustic integrity to fire safety should be considered as part of the process. Passive fire protection solutions should be woven seamlessly into the construction as a matter of course and are designed to support and interlink with the building, providing peace of mind within the floors, walls and ceilings.

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