Architects & Specifiers

PFC Corofil is a leading UK manufacturer of passive fire protection solutions and fire stopping products. We offer a wide range of products that help maintain the safety of public, private and commercial buildings.

We cater to Architects and Specifiers with our RIBA certified CPD and available assistance from our ASFP qualified technical team.

Quick response

48 hour response from our ASFP qualified technical team

Design assistance

Cavity barrier detail design assistance

Cassette panel

Cassette panel Insert tested to EN1363 -1/TGD19, within an Aluminium cassette panel

Certified by UKAS

Cavity barriers are 3rd party certified by UKAS accredited certification bodies

A range of full fill cavity barriers tested

Installed against various inner substrates (masonry/SFS/Masonry support system) to EN1366/4 and open-state cavity barriers, tested to EN1363-1/ ASFP Technical Guidance Document 19 (TGD 19) – including SFS/Masonry/MSA

RIBA approved CPD available

PFC Corofil: Fire Testing for Facades

Linear Gap Seals

We have a range of Linear Gap Seals tested to EN1366/4 tested to masonry and steel beams, as well as penetrated at head of wall with cables.

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