Cavity Barriers

PFCTS CW System using the Corofil slab

An Open State Cavity barrier for use in ventilated facade systems, reacting in the event of fire to help prevent the spread of fire and hot smoke

Tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 22 PFCTS CW Fire Protection System provides up to 60 minutes integrity and insulation fire protection.


The PFCTS CW Fire Protection System provides a method of improving the fire and acoustic properties of existing timber stud partitions in new or any refurbishment projects.

PFCTS CW Fire Protection System comprises:

  • PFC Corofil C 144 slabs
  • CW galvanised steel brackets pre drilled for fixing

Fire Resistance:

Timber Stud: 50 x 80 x 2700 softwood

Plasterboard: 1 layer (each side), 12.5mm standard wall board

Fire Resistance: 60/60

Integrity Insulation: 60/60