Fire-stopping products for Service Penetrations

Ensuring optimal fire safety within buildings remains a top priority, which is where fire-stopping service penetration products come in. Once fire-rated walls, floors, and other barriers are penetrated by services such as ducts, pipes and cables, it is crucial to establish effective fire-stopping measures

PFC Corofil produces a variety of solutions for this purpose, such as pipe collars, pipe wraps, sealants, intumescent pillows, and the Coated Panel System. These products assist with fire-stopping around combustible and non-combustible pipes, cables, and ducts.

We offer penetration seal products specifically designed for fire stopping around pipes, pipe seals through walls and fire sealing around cables. All our products are rigorously tested by independent third parties, guaranteeing their capability to hinder the progression of fire through cable and pipe apertures in fire-resistant structures and floors.

These intumescent fire stopping solutions will create a robust fire-stopping strategy that can be crafted to stop the propagation of fire and smoke, ensuring the safety of both occupants and property.

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