A day in the life: Dennis Quarteer

In the first of our PFC Corofil – Day in the life series, we sit down with Dennis Quarteer to talk about his role in Technical Sales, and what his usual day looks like

What does your job involve?

Working in Technical Sales, I deal with the incoming technical emails – so anything from architects, contractors, installers or design consultants I deal with . This could be anything from a request for technical data (datasheets) or a specification (series of technical drawings, recommendations etc.).

From there, I would usually look to organise a phone call with the person who has contacted so that we can properly discuss the scope.

I also manage the technical support line, so when people ring, they can get straight through to the technical team. The benefits of this is that I aim to get a response to customer requests within 2 hours!

What do you like most about your job?

The thing that I like the most is the challenge. Also, I like that I can use my 12 year experience to educate people!

On the basis of that, it’s also really enjoyable to seeing product specifications go through the whole process, from start to finish!

What makes PFC Corofil good to work for?

From a technical point of view, we have the ASFP qualified technical team to help with the specifications, and the variety of different personalities within this, each with their own skillsets to service the needs of customers is one thing that makes PFC so good to work for!

I also think we work very well as a team with a clear vision of how to move forward and where the industry is headed.

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