PFC Corofil’s Fire Protection Solutions for Architects

PFC Corofil have a long history in the fire protection industry. Having been established in 1962, we are one of, if not THE oldest suppliers of passive fire protection products. Not only does this mean that we have years of experience on our side, but it also makes us one of THE most trusted names in the industry.

Our production processes allow us to manufacture a wide range of fire protection solutions; from Cavity Barriers to Service Penetrations, which are ideal for commercial, residential & housing projects.

How can Architects benefit from PFC Corofil?

  • Due to comprehensive training from the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) our customers benefit from a 48 hour response time with our ASFP trained team. This means that any enquiries can be responded to in a timely fashion, reducing lead times and unnecessary setbacks.
  • All of PFC’s passive fire protection products are available to specify online through NBS Source.  Our products can be viewed on our website or on NBS Source
  • Our continued commitment to safety, and providing peace of mind to our customers means that all of our products are 3rd party tested and certified. 3rd Party Product Certification Schemes are designed to give confidence to specifiers, installers, occupiers, owners and enforcement bodies that products have been thoroughly and independently evaluated and will continue to be manufactured to the same specification as originally tested.

As it is widely acknowledged that 3rd Party Certification Schemes are deemed best practice, such a commitment from PFC Corofil ensures that Architects and those looking to specify can do so with confidence of regulatory compliance.

What makes PFC Corofil the best choice?

Our commitment to testing our products within a wide range of applications means that we are the only company within the market who have tried and tested solutions for specific applications. These include:

  • Open State Barriers tested with gypsum and SFS – COSB25 & COSB44
  • Full fill fire barrier tested with cement particle board and SFS – CCFS
  • Full fill fire barrier tested with integral DPC – CCFS with DPC
  • Cassette panel insert tested with an aluminium panel – COSI
  • Full fill barriers tested with masonry support systems – CCFS

Get in touch with PFC Corofil for more information. Our team is on hand to help with your passive fire protection requirements.


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