Product Spotlight: PFC Corofil Cable Patch (CCPH)

What is the PFC Corofil Cable Patch (CCPH)?

The PFC Corofil Cable Patch (CCPH) is an intumescent putty, which is used to form penetration seals and reinstate the fire resistance performance of both flexible and rigid walls when they have been penetrated by small cables, pipes or conduits.

Where to use the PFC Corofil Cable Patch (CCPH)?

The Cable Patch is designed specifically for use in Multi-Occupancy buildings, such as in blocks of flats, where there are cables or pipes penetrating the walls. By using one cable patch on either side of the wall where the cable penetrates, not only can fire resistance be reinstated, but less sound can pass through the wall, preventing unwanted noise passing from one unit to another.

The cable patch is intended to be used only for individual, or small bundles of cables, pipes or conduits. Where there are larger cables or bundles, the PFC Corofil High Expansion Sealant (CHES) is the ideal solution.


Check out the PFC High Expansion Sealant here!


Benefits of the PFC Corofil Cable Patch:

Our cable patch is equipped with a number of distinct benefits that make it stand out from the crowd and offer superior performance.

  • Simple to install – Just wrap around the pipe or cable and manipulate into place.
  • Airborne Sound Rating of 67db – Reduces noise passing through rooms.
  • 25 year working life (Indoors only).
  • Quick and Easy to Install.



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