PFC Corofil Open State Clip


PFC Corofil Open State Clip is a 4mm thick intumescent strip riveted to a stainless steel plate shaped to fit within the opening of a Masonry Support Bracket.


Combined with the PFC Corofil Open State Cavity Barrier COSB 44 (1026) installed between the brackets the two products create a horizontal open state cavity barrier system, the intumescent strip will react in a fire situation to close off the air gap between the barrier and the back of the external substrate.

Intended Use 

PFC Corofil Open State Clip (COSC) is designed for use in combination with PFC Corofil Open State Barrier COSB 44 (1026) to provide an effective cavity fire barrier solution to ensure a continuous cavity barrier line around a Masonry Support System that also maintains drainage in normal conditions.

Key Points 

Tested to EN1363-1 and the general principles of TGD 19.

Provides up to 120 minutes integrity and insulation fire resistance performance.

Suitable for cavity widths between 112.5mm and 287mm.