CNC cutting machines for Sinusoidal Profiles

Sinusoidal profiles - Improved passive fire protection performance in the construction market

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The construction industry is always on the lookout for the latest developments in passive fire protection, and with the recent installation of our new CNC cutting machine, we’ve taken our product offerings to the next level.

We’ve stayed ahead of the curve and adopted the latest cutting edge technology to meet the demand of an ever-changing construction industry.

What is CNC technology?

CNC, or computer numerical control, is a manufacturing method where the control, movement and precision of machine tools are automated through the use of preprogrammed computer software. 

CNC cutting machines are a highly efficient manufacturing method, allowing raw materials to be transformed into finished products with unrivalled accuracy and precision. 

Our new CNC cutting machine enables us to cut complex 2D shapes, meaning we can now offer bespoke passive fire protection solutions in the form of sinusoidal profiles tailored to our customers’ exact specifications.

The benefits of our new machinery include:

Customised shapes

Our advanced CNC cutting machine allows us to cut our cavity barriers into any 2D shape. This allows us to manufacture our linear gap seal blocks into intricate, precise designs to ensure an optimal fit.

Curved profiles

Our new machinery allows for the manufacture of cavity barriers for curved profiles, meaning we can now offer a more diverse range of products.

Exact matching for cladding panels 

We can now guarantee a perfect fit for our cavity barriers and linear gap seals. Our new CNC cutting machine can follow the exact shape of the cladding panel to ensure a proper fit.

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By investing in new CNC cutting machines, we are able to do just that. Taking a significant step towards producing innovative fire protection solutions that meet our client’s unique needs. 

Our precision, your vision.

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