The Diamorph Group – Protecting your people, assets and processes for over 100 years.

Diamorph Group are thrilled to unveil a fresh new rebrand, to ensure our colleagues and customers receive the very best communication and collaboration!

The Diamorph Group consists of brands that are well known for their material science innovation and proven performance in arduous real-life situations, as well as in-house manufacturing and R&D.

We use our deep advanced material knowledge to develop solutions that give peace of mind across a diverse range of industries.

Diamorph companies engage in development, manufacturing and sales of high-performance products. We are fully committed to technical excellence through heavy investment in ongoing research and development. We have extensive in-house technical resources to develop innovative and high-quality products for safety critical or high cost of failure activities.

Every single day our scientists strive to continuously improve our materials for even better performance.

In OEM Protection we have two Business Units:

Our product is generally consumable, often protecting equipment by preferential wear, or by absorbing impact energy.

Composite and Polymer Materials – Tenmat, Tufnol, Permali, Railko

Our products provide protection from wear, impact and electrical shock in defence, transportation, healthcare and industrial applications.

High Temperature Solutions – Tenmat, Hob Certec

Our materials protect process integrity at temperatures between 350- 1200-degrees c, in high temperature processes industries like steel, aluminium, glass and ceramic tile production.

In Building Protection we have one business Unit:

Our product is generally passive throughout the life of the building, unless there is a fire.

Passive Fire Protection- Tenmat, PFC Corofil, Brandguard Vents

Our products are designed to protect lives and buildings by stopping the spread of fire, allowing time for occupants to leave the building and firefighters to enter and control the fire

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